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The Brooklyn Heights Promenade on a Sunday in Fall

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers a marvelous view on the Manhattan’s skyline and the Eastriver. Build above the Brooklyn-Queens-Expressway in 1950, the promenade attracts residents and tourists since then. This Photo and Audio Slideshow is a project of “The Beat: Reporting Downtown” at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU.

I enjoyed this multimedia project as I had the chance to make use of my camera skills. Working with Adobe Creative Suite is fun and offers endless opportunities to tell nice stories. I used an iPhone to record audio. It is ok but exposed to wind or while walking it is not sufficient. Finally, I am thankful that plenty of people agreed to participate in this project.

Thursday Styles in the New York Times


Being in the New York Times is a journalist’s dream, but I didn’t expect it to happen that way and that soon. I didn’t know of that picture until today: In the US photographers don’t have to ask persons in the picture for permission. The article is online available, too. It’s on the impact of the warmest fall since 25 years on style and fall sales – “Californication” of NY fashion. I thought, red pants are more like Munich or Hamptons, but if they think so…

After fatal crashes Brooklyn Heights got a Slow Zone

There is something new on Clinton Street. It is just paint and plates, but they make a difference.

Motorists entering Brooklyn Heights from Atlantic Avenue face a fresh pedestrian crosswalk and “MPH 20” is written on the street. Aside, two signs: “Slow Zone.”

There is one next to Key Food Market and another in front of Bagel Café.

On its sidewalk, Marta Atwater, an Emmy-winning TV-writer and Brooklyn Heights’ resident, died at 48 on February 22nd, 2013. After she left Bagel Café, Atwater was pinned underneath a 2011 Honda Ridgeline SUV whose 53-year-old driver lost control of his car. He was driving north on Clinton Street and jumped the curb at Atlantic Avenue.

This crash fortified the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA), a residents’ union, whose board Atwater had joined, to find a solution for Brooklyn Heights’ traffic problems. weiterlesen

NYCFC – a US Soccer Game in a Baseball Stadium

David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard – europäische Spieler, die ihren Horizont überschritten haben, können die letzten Jahre als Aktiver entspannt für einen US-Fußballclub kicken. Villa, Pirlo und Lampard stehen für New York City Football Club (NYCFC) auf dem Feld. Doch trotz einstiger Weltklasse hat NYCFC am Sonntag gegen New England Revolution aus Massachusetts 1-3 verloren. weiterlesen

Empire State Report III

Das Semester hat angefangen und die Stundenpläne sind nun fix. Vier Kurse belege ich an der NYU. Zwei am College of Arts and Science (CAS), jener Fakultät, die mein Austauschprogramm betreut. Für je einen weiteren Kurs bin ich an der Stern School of Business und dem Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute eingeschrieben. Was mache ich dort? weiterlesen

You think you are in Puerto Rico but you are still in NYC

New York is still hotter than 88°F (31°C) and going for a swim is one of the best reasons to travel to the outer boroughs. Travelling to Orchard Beach is like travelling to Puerto Rico without leaving New York City. weiterlesen

Empire State Weekly Report II

Ein Samstagabend im Club VIP Room, in dem auch Rihanna verkehrt: Bitches, $1000 -Wodka und eine Geschichte, die mit einem Hedgefonds-Manager beginnt und mit NYPD-Officers endet. weiterlesen

Empire State Weekly Report I

New York aus dem Handgepäck: Ich habe den Transatlantikflug gut überstanden, mein Koffer hat es leider nicht geschafft. Nach sechs Tagen sehe ich das Gepäck wieder und habe tief ins Luftfahrtgeschäft geschaut. weiterlesen